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Wholesale Releaf Blend Black Cumin CBD

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Hemptonics Releaf Blend Black Cumin CBD

Hemptonics Releaf Blend has 500 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD with ZERO THC. We also add our Patented Absorption to Make it up to 20 Times More Bioavailable Than Other CBD Oils.

PLUS Other Beneficial Ingredients

*Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil : Used Anciently as a "Cure for Everything But Death". Modern Science has found that the oil from the black cumin seed (nigella sativa) alleviates pain and inflammation, helps normalize blood sugar and blood pressure, is a great source of healthy fat, and is a potent anti-microbial against viruses and bacteria. 


*Resveratrol: The Active Ingredient in Grapes that functions as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle agent, promotes good cardio health, is a potent antioxidant and also boosts the immune system as an anti-microbial agent.


*ALL 78 Trace Minerals: Your body is trace mineral deficient in most cases. These help maintain cardio-vascular health, muscle and brain health and function and a host of other bodily functions. Also a great Immune Booster.


*Ashwagandha: Used in India to promote sexual health, improve mood, and increase fertility along with libido.


*Beet Root: A great source of the full Vitamin C molecule. 

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Releaf Blend Black Cumin CBD Plus

Releaf Blend Ingredients

Hemp CBD
Organic Black Cumin Oil Benefits
Reveratrol Benefits
All 78 Trace Minerals
Ashwagandha Benefits
Beet Root Benefits

Lab Certified

Certified Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

Organic Black Cumin





Certified Lead Free

Certified Lead Free

And Other Heavy Metals

gmp certified

Made in USA

Free From Harmful Mold and Bacteria.

Wholesale Price Sheet

  • 10 Bottles with FREE SHIPPING (USA, NIGERIA, CANADA, UK EU)  $45 Each
  • 10 Bottles All Other Markets- $45 Each Plus Shipping
  • 20 Bottles with FREE SHIPPING (ONLY- USA, NIGERIA, CANADA, UK & EU: $43 Each
  • 20 Bottles All Other Markets: $43 Each Plus Shipping
  • 30 Bottles with FREE SHIPPING (USA, NIGERIA, CANADA, UK & EU) $39 Each
  • 30 Bottles  All Other Markets: $39 Plus Shipping
  • 50 Bottles with FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING: $38 Each
  • 100 Bottles with FREE Global SHIPPING: $37 Each
  • 500 Bottles with FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING: $35 Each
  • 1000 Bottles with FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING: $29 Each
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